What we do

All for Smiles Ability Services views recreation as an essential component of life. We aim to create opportunities to grow independence, improve life skills and engagement within the community. Our focus is on delivering responsive and tailored services in line with people’s goals.


All for Smiles Ability Services helps people achieve their goals through recreation. All for Smiles provide getaways to various locations across Victoria.

Getaways are a period of time where a group travel to a specific location to engage in leisure & relaxation away from their usual environment. Our getaways provide individuals with choice and control over their experience. Our team provide a safe and supportive environment where individuals with similar interests have an enjoyable experience.

While we cater to requests for getaways, we also have a planned getaway schedule that operates twice monthly and Victorian holiday periods to various locations. The locations and availability can vary due to a number of factors, please contact us for more information.

Personalised Service

All for Smiles recognises each individual as unique and is well placed to provide support in an individual capacity. Our team can support individuals on a once off or routine basis. We understand the importance of regular and consistent support staff and match an individual with a team to ensure familiarity and consistency. To discuss your support needs, please contact us.

If you would like to register for upcoming services, please click the link below. Please note this process may take up to 5 minutes.